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Every person working in this company is dedicated to achieve the highest quality standards and working to satisfy our customer’s needs in terms of national and international quality standards.

QUALITY POLICY ( ISO 9001 – 2015 )

  • Meet customer expectations
  • Try to comply with international and national standards
  • Compete and constantly monitor our competitors
  • Provide work to zero error
  • All personnel working in the company ‘s training , competence and develop their skills
  • Show due diligence to human health and safety
  • Development and ensure the satisfaction of our suppliers
  • Ensure the satisfaction of increasing the motivation of our employees
  • Follow technological developments and take applications
  • Perform environmental protection activities and to promote environmental awarenes
  • Continuously improve all processes by identifying strengths and our weaknesse
  • Increasing profitability is our quality policy

ENVIRONMENT (ISO 14001 – 2015)

  • Society and respectful work environment
  • Global resources to protect and conserve the energy efficiency
  • The prevention of pollution, waste reduction, recycling primarily be to ensure the b -side of the waste

HEALTH AND SAFETY ( ISO 45001 -2018 )

  • Safe for all employees and provide a healthy work environment
  • Occupational Health and Safety to ensure the spread of awareness in all activities
  • Employees in Occupational Health and Safety to develop a culture that encourages individual responsibilit
  • Accidents and reduce the risk of occupational diseases to a minimum
  • To comply with legal and other requirements regarding compliance options that we are subject to regarding Occupational Health and Safety